Members Voluntary Liquidation

Not all companies that go into liquidation are insolvent.

Sometimes, business owners have made their money and want to retire. Liquidation, triggering a distribution of capital rather than income, coupled with Entrepreneurs Relief, can often be the most tax efficient way of withdrawing funds from your company. The process is different from insolvent liquidation and correspondence and advertising makes it clear that all debts, together with statutory interest, will be paid in full.

We will work with your own advisors, usually your accountant, to put the company into a position where costs are kept to a minimum and the return to shareholders is maximised.

We know you expect to receive money quickly and we will do our upmost to achieve this, depending on circumstances. We also believe our prices are competitive. For a fixed price quote please contact a member of our team on 01253 349331.

This note is meant as a brief overview of Members' Voluntary Liquidations. It is not a detailed review and further detailed advice should be taken before coming to any decision. No responsibility can be accepted by Campbell Crossley and Davis, its partners or employees for any loss occasioned by any person or persons acting or refraining from action as a result of material contained in this note.