Personal financial problems

Take action immediately to start the process of resolving your financial problems.

As licensed Insolvency Practitioners we are in a unique position to help you with your financial problems. Only licensed Insolvency Practitioners can make legally binding arrangements with your creditors to reduce your monthly payments.

If you have mounting debts, high mortgage payments and/or credit card repayments or business debts through a sole tradership or partnership then an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (“IVA”) may be what you need.

An IVA is not bankruptcy but it is legally binding on all your creditors once accepted by a majority of them. Depending on your circumstances it can last for anything from six months to five years and write off a percentage of your debt in exchange for repayment terms that you can afford.

An IVA means that you can reduce the credit card repayments from 100p in the £ and freeze the interest, writing off any remaining balance when the IVA is finished as long as your creditors agree. This arrangement is binding on your creditors so long as you comply with the terms and disclose all assets that you have.